Saattajasta // About the next Escorter

11.01.2014 - 20:19 / kahvisaukko.

//It’s about the Escorter. / I have promised to some that the next album would be published in Tampere Kuplii. / But most of you can probably guess by now that that’s not gonna happen. You guessed right.//

//The few past months have been really busy, ’cause I’ve had to catch up with the 3D courses. / On top of that I lived in the delusion that I could make the comic in the same time I did during Orivesi.(the comic school) 2 sketches a day and so on. / However, during the few days before the Christmas holidays I started noticing some nasty symptoms of a burnout. / So during the holidays, when I was already late from schedule that maybe I should give myself more time with this comic. / School is the first priority in any case and during the spring I will be starting this game innovation project so I’d wear out pretty fast.//

//I am a workaholic, but not a robot. / So I know my limit now. I will get the comic done for sure, but there is no reason to rush it. I can almost certainly promise though that the comic will come out in the 2014 Helsinki Comic Festival.//

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