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* Anteeksipyyntöjä ja alkomahoolia // Apologies and alcohol

Kirjoitettu 26.11.2013 - kahvisaukko. Kategoriassa häppeninkiä kavereiden kans.

//Updating has had to wait, since school and projects have taken most of my time lately./ Even this week I had 3 deadlines at the same time./ But I will try to draw some comics here as of late from the past events like Taidekuja(Art valley) at Gloria, where I was with my friends from Orivesi.//

//In the summer I got a visitor: an internet friend of mine came to Finland. He’s Irish, but lives in Britain. / And as we all know what kind of drinkers Irish and Finns are (in stereotypes) so it had to be tested, which was was better at it. / But it was obvious that I’d “lose”, since I’m not really a drinking veteran… / But it was fun!//

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