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* Wardan viikon muistiinpanoja // Notes from Warda’s week

Kirjoitettu 9.02.2012 - kahvisaukko. Kategoriassa kurssitöitä.



Meidän piti siis tehdä sarjakuva kampanjalle.

// So we had to make a comic for a campaign.//



//I don’t know what to do…/ I don’t have any opinions! And if I do, they’re against campaigns / I already went through some websites of campaigns, but I just started feeling like a sceptic little shit… / The funny thing is I thought I was a naïve little brat, who believes in everything, butuh… The truth was more cruel than I had thought…//

Ja tässä vain hääppöisiä pikku muistiinpanoja siltä viikolta.

// And here’s just some petty notes from that week.//

Ja tässä sarjakuva itse.

// And here’s the comic itself. //

// I wish I’d see the stars… / If just for a moment… All people in the World would turn off their lights. / So that we could admire the beauty of the sky. / EARTH HOUR March 31 2012, 8:30 PM. Turn off all electricity and set a candle by your window//

Tämä on vielä hiukan kesken ja siihen tulisi siis tuo sama “Earth Hour” teksti.

// This is still a little unfinished, but there’s supposed to be the same “Earth Hour” text. //

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