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* AMERICA! Part 1

Kirjoitettu 6.01.2012 - kahvisaukko. Kategoriassa AMERICA.

//So it is finally time to start my journey TO AMERICA!/Kööpenhamina=Copenhagen/And here’s the original flight plan!/The proportions are a bit off….//

//So 3 flights. Anything could go wrong..There wasn’t really any problems on the first flight. We just had to change the plane so the flight got delayed for about an hour/Well… It’s gonna be okay…/ The second flight, across the Atlantic, was flown in adverse wind…/ But dayum, the flight had these little sdreens where you could watch movies and series and you could play games on them and even listen to music!/ The only problem was that the movies were going on all the time, so you had to have the exact timing or you could’ve been watching the end of the movie…/Then it was time for unfamous interrogation, when we arrived in Washington D.C. …//

// Our examiner seemed pretty cool though/”Why’re your hands shaking?”/”Oh because of the flight…”/”Oh really now?”/Then they wanted all kinds of finger and eye prints, which was kind of annoying…/ But the examiner kept on joking/”Alright sir, looks like I’m gonna have to call the police!”/ They didn’t even ask why we were there! It was so painless!//

//Then we had to hurry, because the customs took a lot of time and making it to the next flight was gonna be tough./ And obviously, Washington D.C.’s airport was pretty huge, so my back was all sweaty, when we ran…/ And when we finally got to the gate 5 mintues before the flight’s departure, there was a bunch of people there…/ They seemed to be having some kind of problem. They were talking about some list of 9 people with a terrifyingly simple English…/ “Only 9 people on this list. Group of 3 can go. Only one can go.”/ And the amount of people they were gonna take on the flight, seemed to be changing all the time…//

//In the end they took only one person on the flight. And the plane departed./ Then I stood there dumbfounded wondering what had just happened/ Wait what..?/ A little later this Filipino girl arrived on the scene and she said her flight had been delayed also and she was wondering what was going on/ I told her what had happened (as well as I knew myself) and then we just had small talk/ She told me that she had been on a flight that took 24 hours! For me my tailbone and stomack were already screaming from the 9 hour flight so even the thought of it terryfied me…/ And from now on I’m making the comics with a marker, since that ink brush got on my nerves…//

//So when we had been there wondering for a while we got these customer service flyers/ And then we walked again…/ We stood there waiting for a long while, since it felt like the clerk was just tapping the keyboard and trying to look important…/ So, we never really got the information about what had happened, but I heard one clerk saying that the plane had been switched to a smaller one, when obviously not everyone got into the flight. Though we did have problems getting the tickets in Finland for this specific flight, but it seemed we weren’t the only ones… / Luckily we got on a flight for the next morning and in a hotel for the night. I think the time was about 4 in the morning in Finland at that time, so I was obviously pretty tired…//


Joten tässä olisi tämä ensimmäinen osuus tuolta Amerikan matkalta ja päivittelen näitä lisää, jos jossain vaiheessa saan aikaiseksi piirtää niitä. Juttua tulee aika paljon :U Ja pistän varmaan välissä vähän jotain muutakin…

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