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* Kahvisaukon murheet // Kahvisaukko’s (The Coffee Otter’s) sorrow

Kirjoitettu 12.01.2012 - kahvisaukko. Kategoriassa vinetystä.

//Heey, it’s time to vent about my longer comic again… I’m sure everyone missed it…(not)/ So, I’ve finished the first version of the script and the second one is unfinished, but…/ …THE AMOUNT OF SELF-CRITICISM!!//

//Because the point in my comic is that there’s this boy, who turns into a “magical girl” (in other words magical boy) and the comic is aware of it and makes fun of that/ In other words, it doesn’t really matter even if the story was super clichee, but somehow I’m taking this far too seriously and thinking it should be somehow unique, because I’m afraid people are gonna jugde it…//

// Sigh, I know I shouldn’t care so much what people think, when this is mostly for myself, but the thought of selling this agonizes me…/ Maybe some day I’ll get rid of these paranoid thoughts… Until then I can only hope for the best.//

Ja jos kuvat vaikuttaa pieniltä, niitä saa isommaksi klikkaamalla niitä. (niille, jotka eivät ehkä tienneet…)

//And if the pictures seem small, you can click them to make them bigger. (to those, who didn’t know…)//

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* Joulun ja uuden vuoden tervehdykset // Season’s greetings

Kirjoitettu 6.01.2012 - kahvisaukko. Kategoriassa Aiheeton.

//There has been a long pause with updating my blog… And I should finish drawing those comics about the trip to America too… /And I should cut my bangs…/ Well, Christmas was pretty boring like always…/ When did we get that tree here?/ And the most annoying thing was that there was no snow this year…/ Damn, it smells like spring!/ But as for the New Year’s, I spent it with my sister and friends!/ We drank alcohol and stayed up late. (because I couldn’t sleep) And on the next day I drove back to Tampere/ And I only saw one or two fireworks./ I didn’t even have a hangover! (seriously, I didn’t)

//And I was finally able to write the first version of the script for the longer comic. But:/ This is such a piece of shit. No-one would like to read this…/ Until I had the courage to give it for Weldon to read…/ “And then it would go like bla bla bla”/ How do you get all these ideas!?/ “Uh, I don’t know…”/ So it feels like he was able to think outside the box/ Unlike me.//

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