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* Joulun ja uuden vuoden tervehdykset // Season’s greetings

Kirjoitettu 6.01.2012 - kahvisaukko. Kategoriassa Aiheeton.

//There has been a long pause with updating my blog… And I should finish drawing those comics about the trip to America too… /And I should cut my bangs…/ Well, Christmas was pretty boring like always…/ When did we get that tree here?/ And the most annoying thing was that there was no snow this year…/ Damn, it smells like spring!/ But as for the New Year’s, I spent it with my sister and friends!/ We drank alcohol and stayed up late. (because I couldn’t sleep) And on the next day I drove back to Tampere/ And I only saw one or two fireworks./ I didn’t even have a hangover! (seriously, I didn’t)

//And I was finally able to write the first version of the script for the longer comic. But:/ This is such a piece of shit. No-one would like to read this…/ Until I had the courage to give it for Weldon to read…/ “And then it would go like bla bla bla”/ How do you get all these ideas!?/ “Uh, I don’t know…”/ So it feels like he was able to think outside the box/ Unlike me.//

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